TAPE 1061

Quality: EX

Length: 4 hrs (2 DVD)

1970s & 1980s HIGHLIGHTS (Absolutely INCREDIBLE compilation of footage from several different federations, focusing mainly on Memphis but with San Francisco and other places also represented. Quality on this stuff is EX through - just mind-blowingly great. Seriously, this is a must-have set of discs!)
Andre the Giant vs The Sheik, Toronto, 1974 (This is the famous match where Andre gets fireballed by The Sheik) Gorilla Monsoon vs Baron Mikel Scicluna, WWF, 1976 (Famous angle where Muhammad Ali comes into the ring and challenges Monsoon who then tosses him into an airplane spin. Quality on this is incredible - really, really nice.) Harley Race vs Terry Funk, NWA, 2/6/77 (JIP - Race wins NWA World title) Randy Savage vs Adrian Street, Memphis, 1/28/85 Randy Savage giving instructions on how to book ICW Wrestlers, 1980s Randy Savage vs The Barbarian, ICW, 1984 (Clipped - Savage gets in basically no offense before winning by DQ) Randy Savage vs Terry Taylor, Memphis, 12/26/83 (JIP - Savage wins NWA Mid-America title) Jerry Lawler vs Kamala, Memphis, 6/4/84 (JIP - Lawler gets pounded) Randy Savage vs Austin Idol, Memphis, 1984 (JIP - Idol gets KO'ed by brass knux but puts the figure four on Angelo Poffo after the match) Rick Rude vs Dutch Mantel, Memphis, 5/7/84 (Mantel spanks Rude's valet Angel) Eddie Gilbert vs Lanny Poffo, 10/1/84 (Slightly JIP - may also be 10/15/84) Jerry Lawler vs Crusher Blackwell, Memphis, 12/19/83 (Clipped) Jerry Lawler vs Rick Rude, 6/11/84 (JIP - Rude wins the Southern title; Lawler decks Angel after the match then we get tons of run-ins) Jerry Lawler vs Hulk Hogan, 2/9/81 (Clipped - Lawler comes to the ring riding a horse; famous match that would be used in Memphis highlights for years to show that Lawler is better than the world champion Hogan) Roddy Piper vs Ron Starr, San Francisco, 3/3/79 (2/3 Falls - 1st fall not shown, 2nd fall JIP, 3rd fall complete - Starr wins the US title) Jerry Lawler vs Nick Bockwinkel, Memphis (Clipped - sorry, no date for this one) 18-Man Battle Royal, San Francisco, 1/27/79 (JIP - Won by Ron Starr to a HUGE pop) 22-Man Money-on-a-Pole Battle Royal, Memphi, 9/2/74 (JIP) Lou Thesz vs Don Kent, Alabama, 1975 (JIP - Title match for the Mid-America title; Thesz gets pinned!) Bruno Sammartino vs Otto Van Heller, WWF, 1/2/74 (TV match with Bruno as champion) Terry Funk vs Sonny Rogers, VWF, 1976 (Some waviness in the picture here - Rogers takes a hellacious brainbuster) Jerry Lawler, Terry Funk & Sweet Brown Sugar vs Bobby Eaton, Sabu & Carl Fergie, Memphis, 1/31/83 (JIP - Texas Death - 90 seconds show; interesting to see Lawler & Funk team) Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo vs The Interns, Memphis, 1/14/85 Dory & Terry Funk vs Scott Casey & Relampago Leon, SWCW, 1982