TAPE 1067

Quality: EX

Length: 100 min (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 7/7/86 (Another episode of this great show, this one covering WrestleRock '86. Quality is EX.)
Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs Fabulous Ones, AWA, 4/20/86 (Something of a dream match for mid-80s tag teams - doesn't live up to that though) "WrestleRock Rumble" music video, AWA, 1986 10-Woman Battle Royal, AWA, 4/20/86 Sgt. Slaughter vs Kamala, AWA, 4/20/86 Road Warriors vs Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin, AWA, 4/20/86 (Cage)
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 9/22/86 (More of this great show from Japan. VQ is EX)
Missing Link vs The Grappler, WCCW, 5/16/86 Bruiser Brody vs Marcel Pringle, WCCW, 7/11/86 Kevin Von Erich vs Matt Borne, WCCW, 6/27/86 (Buzz Sawyer runs in) Rock & Roll Express & Magnum TA vs Ric Flair, Ole & Arn Anderson, NWA, 8/3/86 (Elimination Tag - AMAZING crowd heat for this one. Flair & Robert Gibson are the last two left and Flair works over Gibson's already-injured ribs and beats him up so bad that Ricky Morton comes in and stops the match!)