TAPE 1069

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 80 min (DVD)

UWF TV VOL 3 - 8/30/86 (Another essentially-complete episode from the Watts archives. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Brett Sawyer vs Art Crews Recap & Interviews regarding tag titles being held up Rick Steiner & Jack Victory vs Jeff Gaylord & Ken Massey Chavo Guerrero vs The Libyan Hacksaw Duggan vs Savannah Jack (No match - Duggan gets triple-teamed before the match and then whipped with a belt) Terry Taylor vs John Tatum (Eddie Gilbert throws powder but it backfires...)
UWF TV VOL 3 - 9/6/86 (more of the same as above)
Hacksaw Duggan being attacked & whipped, 8/30/86 Rick Steiner vs Gary Young Jack Victory & John Tatum vs Joe Savoldi & Jeff Gaylord Bill Irwin vs Jeff Raitz Video Feature: WFIA Convention Computerized Top 10 Ranking Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts (Lumberjack Tag - ends in a huge brawl when all the lumberjacks start fighting with each other; it gets broken up, then Hayes & Roberts come back out and another brawl ensues. Great stuff.)