TAPE 1071

Quality: EX

Length: 101 min (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 6/23/86 (More of this great show from Japan. VQ is EX.)
Manny Fernandez vs Teijo Khan, NWA, 1986 Sheepherders vs Ricky Gibson & ???, UWF, 1986 Kamala vs Steve O, AWA, 2/3/85 (That's an air date) Masked Superstar I & II vs Dave Patterson & Steve Doll, UWF, 5/86 Koko B. Ware vs Gustavo Mendoza, UWF, 1986 (This is the match containing the famous HUGE dropkick by Ware that just about decapitates Mendoza. That dropkick would end up being used in the opening for the UWF TV show.) Midnight Express vs Rock & Roll Express, NWA, 1986 (Cornette is in a cage above the ring as the R&R score a clean non-title win) Kerry Von Erich & Bruiser Brody vs Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes, WCCW, 4/4/86
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 9/1/86 (More of this great show from Japan. VQ is EX.)
Midnight Rockers vs Buddy Rose & Doug Somers, AWA, 6/29/86 (House show match shown only on World Pro that sees the Rockers jobbing cleanly! There's some tracking problems in the middle of this match) Sherri Martel video, "She Works Hard for the Money", AWA, 1986 Sherri Martel vs Candy Devine, AWA, 6/29/86 Rick Rude vs Bruiser Brody, WCCW, 5/4/86 Ric Flair vs Ricky Morton, NWA, 7/11/86 (Cage - Little-seen cage match from the Bash '86 tour. This was never shown on TV in the US and is not the same match as the one later released on the Four Horsemen DVD set. Cool!)