TAPE 1073

Quality: EX

Length: 100 min (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 12/16/86 (More of this great show from Japan. VQ is EX.)
Midnight Rockers vs Dennis Stamp & ???, AWA, 10/18/86 Nikita Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev vs Mark Fleming & ???, NWA, 1986 (JIP) Chris Adams vs Gustavo Mendoza, UWF, 1986 (JIP) Colonel DeBeers vs Joe Page, AWA, 10/18/86 (JIP) Earthquake Ferris vs Ken Timbs, AWA, 10/18/86 (JIP - Timbs simply walks out for the loss) Lucha Tag Match Wendell Cooley stuffed into a dress by Adrian Street, CCW, 1986 Mr. Wrestling II throwing water on Joe Pedicino Jos Leduc attacked on TV, Memphis Tim Horner attacked in a locker room while retrieving a title belt Slow-Mo clips of Missy Hyatt's cleavage (yes, you read that right) Jack Victory & John Tatum vs Missing Link & Iceman Parsons, UWF, 1986 Kevin Von Erich vs Black Bart, WCCW, 10/12/86 (watch the throat drop on the ropes that Kevin takes - nasty! Von Erich wins WCCW World title)
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 12/23/86 (More of this great show from Japan. VQ is EX.)
Hulk, Super & Big Machine vs Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy & Bobby Heenan, MSG, 9/22/86 Tag-team Battle Royal, MSG, 10/20/86 Randy Savage vs George Steele, Boston, 9/6/86 Jake Roberts vs Don Driggers, WWF, 6/3/86 (Ricky Steamboat comes out with a komodo dragon) Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff, WWF, 8/28/86 (The Big Event)