TAPE 1075

Quality: EX

Length: 80 min (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 12/30/85 (Another episode, possibly incomplete, of this great show from Japan. Quality is EX.)
Kerry & Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez, WCCW, 9/6/85 (The Von Erichs win by DQ and the tag belts get held up. Kerry & Kevin also cut part of Adams' hair.) Road Warriors vs Jerry Lawler & Baron Von Raschke, PWUSA, 2/24/85 (JIP) Road Warriors attacking Curt Hennig w/a chair, AWA, 1985 (Larry Hennig makes the save) Road Warriors vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy, PWUSA, 8/16/85 (JIP) Road Warriors vs Harley Race & Stan Hansen, 9/2/85 (JIP from Battle of the Belts) 20-Man Battle Royal, AWA, 1985 Bruiser Brody vs John Tatum, WCCW, 1985 Bob Backlund vs Rick Renslo, AWA, 1985 Highlights of Rick Martel title matches Rick Martel vs Jimmy Garvin, AWA, 1985 (JIP - Martel pins Garvin with help from Baron Von Raschke - who's in drag!) Highlights of Ric Flair title matches Magnum TA video, "Born to be Wild" MAGNUM TA VS TULLY BLANCHARD, NWA, 11/28/85 ("I Quit" Cage - Magnum wins US title)