TAPE 1082

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 83 min (DVD)

UWF TV VOL 6 - 10/11/86 (This is another mostly-complete - a couple of video segments are missing - episode from the Watts archives. While there's video segments missing, the matches shown here are raw versions - no commercial breaks and extra footage! I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Chris Adams vs Gustavo Mendoza Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams (No match - Hacksaw Duggan comes out and issues a challenge to the winner of the match, whoever that might be. Michael Hayes is on commentary and he complains about Duggan's presence, rightly saying the refs need to make him go away. When they don't do that quickly enough, he goes down to ringside and gets into a fight with Duggan. Williams & Gordy then jump in as well. At that point, One Man Gang & Leroy Brown come down to ringside and also begin brawling. Gordy & Hayes use that opportunity to jump on Williams and injure his left arm. GREAT ANGLE! This is the raw footage version of the angle so no commercial breaks and no commentary for parts of it. After it's over, as Williams leaves ringside, look for the little girl that's crying.) Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams (Doc comes back out and wrestles one-armed until Gordy pulls out some brass knux and KOs him. This, too, is the raw version with no breaks for commercials) John Tatum & Jack Victory vs Iceman Parsons & Missing Link (Turns into a big mess when Dark Journey & Missy Hyatt get into a catfight. This is a raw footage version that continues running well after the TV show actually ends. Look for the moment where Missy Hyatt is leaving ringside and some kid/teenager touches her. She gets pissed at the guy and he gives her a threatening look/posture. The cops grab him and he appears to get arrested.)
UWF TV VOL 6 - 10/18/86 (More of the great UWF action from the Watts archives. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Missy Hyatt/Dark Journey catfight, 10/11/86 Buddy Landel vs Jeff Raitz Jack Victory vs Joe Savoldi (Eddie Gilbert comes out to ringside and gives Missy Hyatt a box of candy. Jim Ross & Michael Hayes on commentary say that won't be enough to woo Missy - and they're right! She takes the candy but doesn't leave with Eddie.) Chavo Guerrero vs Gary Young (Good face vs face match that sees both guys going all-out instead of the usual wimpy exchange-of-holds match you usually get with face vs face) Special Feature: Buddy Roberts Missing Link & Chris Adams vs One Man Gang & Savannah Jack (After the match, Skandor Akbar berates Savannah Jack, calling him "boy" and Devastation Inc attacks Jack, turning him face) Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts vs Ted Dibiase & Terry Taylor (Country Whippin' strap match - This is a great example of the brilliance of Bill Watts when it comes to booking heels. He has Hayes & Roberts job cleanly to Dibiase & Taylor here, as they should. But after the match, Hayes runs Taylor into the guardrail, knocking him down. At the same time, in the ring, Dibiase has pulled out his black glove and is going after Gordy. Hayes jumps in the ring and hits Dibiase from behind. They steal his black glove and then KO him with it. Brilliant! The heels lay down for the 1-2-3 and then get their heat back in an intelligent way so everybody ends up looking good.