TAPE 1083

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 85 min (DVD)

UWF TV VOL 7 - 10/25/86 (Another episode from the Watts archives. This episode, however, shows how Watts was willing to screw his fans to generate TV ratings and I hate it. The entire show the previous week, they hyped "3 title matches next week!" and then this is what we get. Read below for my detailed comments. Still a good episode but... I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX)
Buddy Roberts vs Ken Massey (And we start right off with the first title match - Roberts vs a jobber. This matchup is bad enough that Jim Ross rips on it. They use it to make Roberts look like a coward but all it did was tick me off. "3 title matches" shouldn't include crap like this.) Savannah Jack being attacked by One Man Gang & Leroy Brown, 10/18/86 Recap of Country Whippin' Match, 10/18/86 One Man Gang & Leroy Brown vs Joe Savoldi & Jeff Raitz Announcement of PWI/UWF Tournament UWF Top 10 Rankings Iceman Parsons vs Gustavo Mendoza Fantastics vs John Tatum & Jack Victory (Second of the three title matches - Eddie Gilbert comes out and gives Missy Hyatt some roses, distracting Tatum, leading to him getting pinned. Missy tries to leave with Gilbert but Tatum stops her and then he gets destroyed by Sting, Gilbert & Rick Steiner. Missy then nails him with her purse, busting him open) Terry Gordy vs Hacksaw (And the final screwjob to the fans - notice all the stuff listed between the two "title matches"? And how one of those title matches was a squash vs a jobber? Well, now the third match comes up - and TV time runs out before anything is shown! They promise to show the conclusion next week - but that's nowhere to be found, at least on this disc. BOOOOOO.)
UWF TV VOL 7 - 11/1/86 (Another basically-complete episode from the Watts archives. Good stuff here with a famous angle. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Gary Young vs Art Crews Savannah Jack vs The Libyan (Before the match, Buddy Landel comes out and challenges Savannah Jack and eats a superkick for his trouble) Dark Journey Given Flowers for WFIA Award (Retardedly-obvious angle here as they present Dark Journey with flowers for winning an award at the WFIA convention that occurred over a MONTH earlier. Mind you, they didn't give any other recipients an extra prize or anything. Can you see the angle coming? How about if I tell you that Eddie Gilbert & Missy Hyatt come out?) Terry Gordy vs Ted Dibiase, 10/17/86 (Cage - Last 2 min shown - Famous angle where Dibiase appears to win the UWF title from Gordy in Houston. The title is later returned, however, since Dibiase never actually signed a contract for the match.) Interviews w/Hayes, Gordy & Dibiase Terry Taylor & Iceman Parsons vs Buddy Landel & Jack Victory Eddie Gilbert vs John Tatum (Dark Journey comes out & attacks Missy Hyatt; Eddie makes the save then KOs Dark Journey with Missy's purse. They then dump her into the ring and spray yellow paint on her. John Tatum sees all this going on but, to confirm that he's still a heel despite the feud with Gilbert, walks out without helping Dark Journey.) One Man Gan, Leroy Brown & Bill Irwin vs Hacksaw Duggan, Chris Adams & Missing Link (Link is missing because of the attack on Dark Journey, so it's 2 vs 3 until he comes out late in the match and all hell breaks loose.)