TAPE 1086

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 8.2 hrs (3 DVD)

RIC FLAIR: THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION (This is the second Flair set released by the WWF and it's great. The biography is a tad disappointing but the match selection makes up for it. I've got a master so VQ is perfect.)
Ric Flair Biography (2-hr bio of Flair that is decent but not nearly as detailed as it should be. It also features way too much promo and entrance footage.) Story: Too Many Distractions Story: Buying Boots Story: Bleaching His Hair Story: Hanging with the Outlaws Story: Ric's Relationship with the Members of Evolution Story: Keys to the City, 3/24/08 (Columbia, SC) Ric Flair Tribute Video ("Leave the Memories Alone" - a more-than-a-little-ironic choice of song given the WWF's penchant for editing videos and footage) Ric Flair vs Jack Brisco, Mid-Atlantic, 8/18/82 (Flair dismisses a jobber from the ring then gets tricked into wrestling Brisco. We get an excellent match that ends with Brisco beating Flair cleanly.) RIC FLAIR VS KERRY VON ERICH, WCCW, 8/15/82 (2/3 Falls - ****1/2 Match - Really, really great match that's super-intense. The booking, however, is not good. They make sure to mention that the NWA has assigned an outside referee to the match and controversy then ensues. In the first fall, Kerry KOs the ref so David Manning comes in to finish the fall. With Flair in a sleeper, the first ref wakes up and rings the bell to DQ Kerry. David Manning flips out and tries to declare *KERRY* the winner - even though Flair was never pinned, never submitted, and never passed out. WTF? Manning acts like he's got a rooting interest in the match and comes off completely biased. After the match, Fritz threatens the NWA's ref and gets shoved for his troubles. He then tries to choke the guy. Ugh.) Ric Flair vs Harley Race, Mid-Atlantic, 8/31/83 (This is the famous match where Bob Orton runs in to save Flair from an attack by Dick Slater before joining in and turning heel) Ric Flair, Ole & Arn Anderson vs Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA & Manny Fernandez, Worldwide, 12/15/85 (Super, super-heated crowd for this one) RIC FLAIR VS STING, NWA, 3/27/88 (Clash 1 - This is the *FULL* version of the match - all 45 minutes are here, unlike previous VHS releases. Great match with BS finish - after promising "there must be a winner", we get a draw. BOOOOO.) RIC FLAIR VS TERRY FUNK, NWA 7/23/89 (Bash '89 - Muta & Funk attack Flair, Sting saves) Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper, MSG, 10/28/91 (Flair's return to MSG) RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, WCW, 4/17/94 (From Spring Stampede '94 - excellent match that ends up in the world title being held up) Ric Flair vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley, WWF, 11/1/05 (Cage - Taboo Tuesday - Super-bloody match with a surprising finish. HHH does a number of Flair tribute - and mockery - spots in this one. Very cool.) Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels, WWF, 3/30/08 (Flair's last match - Michaels pulls out all the stops to make Flair look good, including missing an Asai moonsault, landing on the announce table - OUCH. This is booked perfectly with Michaels appearing to be reluctant to super-kick Flair into retirement. He eventually does, saying "I'm sorry" and "I love you" beforehand. Michaels then leaves the ring area QUICKLY with nary a trace of his trademark "limp to the back" walk.) Ric Flair's Farewell Address, WWF RAW, 3/31/08 (Long. repetitive and tedious - but very nice - tribute to Flair by dozens of WWF superstars and a reunion of the Tully/Arn/Barry/JJ Four Horsemen.) Promo: Limousine Ridin' Jet Flyin' Promo: Stylin' & Profilin', WCW, 5/25/85 Promo: Space Mountain, WCW, 6/22/85 Promo: The Boss, WCW, 8/17/85 Promo: Slick Ric, WCW, 9/7/85 Promo: Real Men Stay Up, WCW, 9/21/85 (That date is wrong - in this promo, Flair talks about the famous attack on Dusty that took place on 9/29/85) Promo: What's Causing All This, WCW, 12/20/85 Promo: Space Mountainettes, WCW, 4/7/87 (Flair gives Precious a fur coat) Promo: Golden Spoon, WCW, 11/13/87