TAPE 1087

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 79 min (DVD)

NWA CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING VOL 2 (Vol 2 of the super-rare New Zealand comm. tapes. This one also has the "PAL to NTSC" look, but VQ is still EX.)
Antonio Inoki vs Bruiser Brody, Hawaii (JIP) Dirty White Boys vs Mark Johnson & Greg Marshall, Southeastern/Continental Jimmy Snuka vs Larry Sharpe, Hawaii The Shiek vs Chief Billy White Wolf, Hawaii Peter Maivia vs Wild Man Austin, Hawaii Preview of Vol 3 (Race vs Maivia, Snuka vs Lawler) RIC FLAIR VS KERRY VON ERICH, HAWAII, 2/13/85 (Awesome! This is the famous 1-hr draw that was previously only available in a crappy version recorded off of FNN. Here you get the same version of the match as FNN showed, only without the huge stock ticker on the bottom. Terrific match, one of the best these two ever had. This is the edited TV version, with 40+ minutes shown.)