TAPE 1095

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 133 min (DVD)

MSG - 1/18/82 (Little-seen MSG show featuring an excellent main event. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX, probably the best I've ever seen on a 1982 show.)
Manuel Soto vs Davy O'Hannon Larry Sharpe vs Jose Estrada Charlie Fulton vs Johnny Rodz Greg Valentine vs Pedro Morales (Poor Greg, stuck in there for 15+ minutes with Pedro Morales, whose only offense is a horrible looking punch. Tough luck Greg!) Jesse Ventura vs Dominic Denucci (Very slightly JIP) In-Ring Ceremony for IWGP Tournament (Vince McMahon talks over top of this and completely ignores what's going on the ring. I only mention it since they've got Jim Crockett in the ring for this in his role as NWA President at the time) BOB BACKLUND VS ADRIAN ADONIS (Fantastic match, even with Backlund's goofiness. McMahon puts Adonis over on commentary big-time and Adrian works a helluva match. They stop this for blood loss, which is a finish I just detest since the champion doesn't lose the title. I consider it a submission so the title SHOULD change hands. But nooooo...) Rick Martel & Tony Garea vs Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito (Pat Patterson is the guest ref and gets nailed with salt by Mr. Fuji) Tony Atlas vs The Masked Executioner (Slightly JIP as broadcast) Ivan Putski vs Killer Khan (This match goes MAYBE 2 minutes before the curfew - and they award the win to Putski! WTF?)