TAPE 1096

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 113 min (DVD)

BOSTON GARDEN - 6/27/86 (Pretty mediocre house show, especially given the line-up. This is the 24/7 version of the show. I've got a master so quality is EX.)
Mike Rotundo & Dan Spivey vs Les Thornton & Tiger Chung Lee (Thornton & Lee? WTF?) Harley Race vs Tony Atlas (Ugh - Harley is soooooo slow here) King Tonga vs Pete Doherty (They make mention of Tonga's recent bodyslam of Big John Studd here - an angle that went absolutely nowhere) Pedro Morales vs Moondog Spot Ricky Steamboat vs Jake Roberts (Excellent match. Late in the match, Jake's got a sleeper on Steamboat and Ricky screws up - big-time. The ref drops his arm twice and then a third time - and Steamboat lets it fall limp the third time! The ref quickly covers for it by testing a fourth time, but that's a pretty big mistake from a vet like Steamboat. You can tell Jake is legit surprised by what's going on as well.) Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage (is it REALLY good booking to have your I-C champ job cleanly in like 7 minutes? I think not. Adrian Adonis runs in afterward and they double-team Hogan) Billy Jack Haynes vs Moondog Rex Junkyard Dog vs King Kong Bundy (Bad, repetitive match that gives us the worst of JYD. He gets DQ'ed for using his chain in the match - a legit DQ that even Gorilla Monsoon admits. JYD, foreshadowing his display of "sportsmanship" at Wrestlemania 3, thanks the referee for his honest decision by first hip-tossing him, then decking him, and finally POWERSLAMMING him. Nice work JYD - show the kids how to handle a loss the right way!) Don Muraco vs Paul Orndorff (Orndorff wins by ref decision which sends Gorilla into fits on the mic, saying the ref can't do that. WTF? Oddly, this was the second straight show with a ref's decision that I'd watched recently - see MSG 1/18/82 above. That after seeing only one other that I can ever remember - Sharpte vs Blair at MSG in 1984.)