TAPE 1100

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 54 min (DVD)

POWER PRO WRESTLING #138 - 1/31/87 (More from the awesome TV broadcast masters converted by Bob Barnett. These are soooo nice - like commercial DVD quality! I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Gordy/Angel of Death/Hayes triple-teaming Missing Link, 1/24/87 (Dark Journey jumps on Hayes' back and Sunshine knocks her around some) Announcement of UWF Tag Title Tournament for 2/7/87 Missing Link vs Mike Reed Freebirds-edited video on the UWF and UWF tag titles (they are justifiably upset at not being awarded the UWF tag titles - when Gordy got hurt and couldn't wrestle, he was forced to forfeit the title to One Man Gang, his scheduled opponent. But when Duggan & Taylor got hurt and couldn't defend......nothing. BOOO. I always hated it when the heels were right and got screwed anyway. Watts did that a lot.) Bill Watts announcing the UWF Tag Title Tournament (he announces that Hacksaw Duggan has lost a Loser Leaves Town match and is gone from the UWF "for 90 days" - it would be permanent) Eli the Eliminator vs Jeff Raitz Northlake Bakery showing off a UWF cake (no angle here - just a cake!) Rick Steiner vs Johnny West UWF Tag Tournament Preview w/Seedings (WTF is the point of seeds if you're going to ignore them? They've got Doc/Dibiase as #1 seeds but facing the #6 seed in the first round instead of the #8, which is Adams/Parsons - obviously, they want no face vs face matches. All the pairings are just as stupid as that one.) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes (Badstreet match - TV time runs out but you get 15 of brawling first. This is a No DQ "come as you are" match. The 'Birds come out in jeans and cowboy boots, looking tough. Williams & Dibiase? Regular wrestling attire, LOL.)