TAPE 1108

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE BUSHIDO 13 - 11/5/06 (Last of the Bushido shows for Pride. This one is pretty good, not great. I've got the comm. DVD with three bonus fights. I have a master so VQ is perfect.)
Kazuo Masaki vs Paulo Filho Denis Kang vs Akihiro Gono Nobuhiro Obiya vs Luis Buscape Yoshiro Maeda vs Joe Pearson David Bielkheden vs Mitsuhiro Ishida Shinya Aoki vs Clay French Takanori Gomi vs Marcus Aurelio Denis Kang vs Kazuo Masaki (GP Finals - this is why one-night tourneys suck - a guy who wins gets hurt and can't fight in the finals, leaving a loser to win the whole thing) Murilo Bustamante vs Yoon Dong Sik (Japanese commentary w/audio slightly out-of-sync) Ikuhisa Minowa vs Mike Barton (Japanese commentary - yes, that's Bart Gunn - this is like a toughman contest for 15 minutes, just a total slugfest) Hector Lombard vs Gegard Mousasi (Japanese commentary)