TAPE 1110

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 44 min (DVD)

UWF TV #23 - 5/31/86 (From the same batch of broadcast masters as the Power Pro stuff comes this set of converted UWF TV shows. Great stuff. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX.)
Ted Dibiase challenging Michael Hayes, 5/24/86 (Clip) Hype for the 6/14/86 Superdome show (I mention this only because they hype one match as featuring the "World Champion Ric Flair". Interesting that they would recognize Flair as world champ when they have their own UWF champion. Never knew that Watts & JCP cooperated so late into 1986.) Rick Steiner vs Perry Jackson (Before the match, Eddie Gilbert comes out and apologizes to Bill Watts for his actions over the last few weeks; Watts, however, doesn't come out) One Man Gang vs Ken Massey Interview w/Michael Hayes & Dark Journey Eddie Gilbert & the Russians (Koloffs & Korchenko) bury Bill Watts under Soviet flag (One of the most-famous angles in Mid-South history right here - Gilbert comes out and apologizes again, only this time Watts actually comes out. What looks like a beautiful face turn for Gilbert turns ugly when the Koloffs & Korchenko hit the ring and help Eddie destroy Watts. They then bury him under the Soviet flag. Awesome angle!) Steve Williams vs Gustavo Mendoza Ted Dibiase & Terry Taylor vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts Fantastics vs Ivan & Nikita Koloff (BOOOO. No match - we get a huge brawl before the match can even start instead.)