TAPE 1113

Quality: EX (Master Convert - See Below)

Length: 42 min (DVD)

UWF TV #28 - 7/5/86 (Another of the converted broadcast masters from Bob Barnett. As always, this is great stuff. There's a bit of a line in the picture, which is otherwise EX.)
Missing Link vs Jack Victory, 6/28/86 (Clip - Dark Journey slaps Victory) Chavo Guerrero vs Ken Massey Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams, 6/28/86 (Last couple minutes - Bill Watts counts the pin after a ref bump) Freebirds & Sting attacking Bill Watts, 6/28/86 Interview w/Bill Watts Freebirds vs Duggan/Dibiase/Taylor Brawl (Look for the video edit at the end of this that shows the broadcast has stuff out of order) Sting vs Brett Sawyer Kamala vs Missing Link (Tatum, Victory & Missy Hyatt all attack Dark Journey) Interview w/John Tatum, Jack Victory & Missy Hyatt (Tatum calls Hyatt "Melissa") Fantastics vs Gustavo Mendoza & The Libyan Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts & Michael Hayes vs Ted Dibiase, Terry Taylor & Hacksaw Duggan (TV time runs out)