TAPE 1114

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 42 min (DVD)

UWF TV #29 - 7/12/86 (Another of the converted broadcast masters from Bob Barnett. As always, this is great stuff. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Freebirds vs Dibiase/Duggan/Taylor, 7/5/86 (Clip) Gary Young vs The Libyan Ted Dibiase vs Terry Gordy, New Orleans (Finish Only - Dibiase jobs 100% clean, then all 3 Freebirds spike-piledrive Steve Williams on the floor) Interview w/Ted Dibiase Interview w/Bill Watts Chavo Guerrero vs Gustavo Mendoza Fantastics vs John Tatum & Jack Victory (Missy Hyatt rakes Tommy Rogers' eyes, then slaps him, then Dark Journey slaps Missy) Terry Taylor vs Buddy Roberts One Man Gang vs Hacksaw Duggan (TV time runs out)