TAPE 1119

Quality: EX

Length: 3.6 hrs (3 DVD)

MID-SOUTH RAW FOOTAGE VOLUME 2 (What we have here is footage that was sent by the Watts family to Steve Munari. Some of it was later released via the Watts website but some was not. Some great stuff here, including a nearly complete house show and the much-sought Duggan/Dibiase multi-stip cage match. Quality is EX throughout - great stuff!)
Shawn Michaels, Brad Armstrong & Terry Daniels vs Jack Victory, Boo Thomas & Thor, 3/30/85 Jake Roberts vs Shawn Michaels, 3/30/85 (yes, Shawn worked twice) Steve Williams vs Terry Daniels, 3/30/85 (as did Daniels...) Michael Hayes vs Paul Ellering, 3/30/85 (Hayes gets a big face pop here; the Road Warriors run in and help triple-team Hayes) Butch Reed vs Nord the Barbarian, 3/30/85 (No DQ - awesome! Reed gets choked out by a chain and then put away by a full nelson. Always cool to see top faces lose cleanly.) Kamala vs Terry Taylor, 3/30/85 Kerry Von Erich vs Chris Adams, 3/30/85 Road Warriors vs Rock & Roll Express vs Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts vs Dirty White Boys, 3/30/85 (Elimination tag - Roadies vs Rock & Roll Express! Not as good as you'd hope as they rush the finish to avoid pinfalls - blech.) Hacksaw Duggan vs Ted Dibiase, 3/8/85 (Taped Fist - and another face jobs , mostly cleanly) Kerry Von Erich vs Gino Hernandez, 1985 Kerry Von Erich vs Thor, 1985 Fantastics vs Dirty White Boys, 4/14/85 Butch Reed vs Nord the Barbarian (No messing around this time - Reed just jobs 100% clean to Nord's full nelson) Rock & Roll Express vs Steve Williams & Gino Hernandez, 4/14/85 Terry Taylor vs Kamala, 4/14/85 (Akbar goes to hit Taylor but nails Kamala instead so Kamala hits Akbar back and then nearly turns face...) Brickhouse Brown vs Tom Pritchard, 4/14/85 Nord the Barbarian vs Steve Casey, 4/16/85 Nord the Barbarian vs Terry Daniels, 4/15/85 Jack Victory vs Brickhouse Brown, 4/15/85 Brad Armstrong vs Edgar Thomas, 4/15/85 Jack Victory vs Brickhouse Brown, 4/14/85 Hacksaw Duggan vs Thor, 4/14/85 HACKSAW DUGGAN VS TED DIBIASE, 3/22/85 (Coal Miner's Glove, Loser Leaves Town, Tuxedo Cage Match - Famous match that is hard to find in this quality. The Watts family themselves can't find their own copy of it. Great match with an insane amount of heat. Lives up to the hype with a great brawl and very satisfying finish. Awesome!)