TAPE 1123

Quality: VG

Length: 2.3 hrs (2 DVD)

AWA STARCADE '85 - 4/21/85 (This was an attempt by the AWA at doing a house show and running it on live TV. This is overall a pretty good show but nothing spectacular. They went with an all-tag-team theme for the show, a mistake IMHO. Anyway, quality is VG.)
Tom Zenk & Steve O vs The Alaskans Jimmy Garvin & Steve Regal vs Baron Von Raschke & Buck Zumhofe Butch Reed & Larry Zbyszko vs Bob Backlund & Brad Rheingans Billy Robinson & Bobby Duncum vs Tonga Kid & Jim Brunzell Road Warriors singing "Tonight" Music Video "We're Not Gonna Take It" Verne & Greg Gagne vs Nick Bockwinkel & Masa Saito (After the match, Bockwinkel & Saito attack Verne and Bock piledrives him on the concrete floor. Verne chooses to sell this by yelling "Where Am I?") Road Warriors vs Larry & Curt Hennig (This is edited down to just brief clips on my copy, with no finish) Music Video "Let's Go Crazy" Sgt. Slaughter & Crusher Blackweel vs Masked Superstar, King Tonga & Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey (Cage)