TAPE 1126

Quality: EX (Master Convert - See Below)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 12/28/85 (Full episode taped at a house show in Greensboro. Excellent show! I've got a master convert so VQ is EX but with some light snow in it.)
Ricky Morton vs The Barbarian, 12/15/85 Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Gene Ligon & Ben Alexander, 12/15/85 Ric Flair & Ole & Arn Anderson vs Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA & Manny Fernandez, 12/15/85 (here we have a super-heated match between all the top stars of the era. Pretty good match that sees the Horsemen score a controversial pinfall. This is the same match that eventually made its way onto the second WWF-released Ric Flair set.) Bunkhouse Stampede, 12/15/85 (First couple minutes shown of a Bunkhouse Stampede match)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 1/4/86 (More of the same as above, minus all the good matches, LOL. I've got a a master convert so VQ is EX with some light snow.)
Announcement of Dusty Rhodes winning the National title (Phantom title change here as Buddy Landel got stripped of the title for being unreliable. They announce him as winning the title in "Albequerque". Yeah, right.) Manny Fernandez vs Thunderfoot, 12/15/85 Tully Blanchard slaps Baby Doll, 12/15/85 (Tully & Baby Doll are doing an interview when Tully questions her about a recent absence. She says she was in Acapulco on a ticket given to her by JJ Dillon. JJ comes out and denies giving her a ticket, Tully gets pissed, and smacks Baby Doll. Dusty Rhodes comes out for the save and Baby Doll is now a face!) Magnum TA vs Mike Davis, 12/15/85 Black Bart vs Pat Tanaka, 12/15/85 Rock & Roll Express vs George South & Gene Ligon, 12/15/85 (the Midnight Express come out and attack Ricky Morton with Cornette's tennis racket. I dunno how they did this stuff cuz Cornette would just wildly swing his racket - sure looks like it hurt like hell.) Ron Bass vs Tommy Lane Tully Blanchard vs Denny Brown Ric Flair vs Mac Jeffers (After the match, Dusty Rhodes comes out and Tully Blanchard attacks. Baby Doll tries to make the save and we then get a wild brawl.)