TAPE 1127

Quality: Varies (See Below)

Length: 3.6 hrs (2 DVD)

MIDNIGHT ROCKERS IN MEMPHIS (Excellent compilation put together by my friend Bix chronicling the run of the Midnight Rockers in Memphis. This was a period of growth for the Rockers as they got to try out being heels while working away from their AWA home. Quality varies, ranging as low as FR but is usually EX.)
Midnight Rockers vs Badd Company, 5/4/87 (There's 30 seconds of severe tracking problems in the middle of this match) Midnight Rockers video "Living After Midnight", 10/24/87 Midnight Rockers vs The Assassins, 10/24/87 Midnight Rockers vs Keith Roberson & Keith Eric, 10/31/87 Midnight Rockers confront the Rock & Roll RPMs, 11/7/87 (RPMs challenge the Rockers to a title vs ring match) Midnight Rockers vs Rock & Roll RPMs, 11/8/87 (Last couple minutes - titles vs ring; the ring giveaway is shown and then the Rockers get attacked) Midnight Rockers Interview Re: titles vs car match, 11/14/87 (The RPMs put up their hideous brown Lincoln Continental for a title shot) Midnight Rockers & Badd Company vs The Executioners, Blue Knight & Keith Roberson, 11/14/87 Midnight Rockers Interview re: Title vs Hair match, 11/21/87 Midnight Rockers vs The Hangmen, 11/21/87 (After the match, the Rockers confront the RPMs) Midnight Rockers vs the The Executioners, 11/28/87 (You gotta love Memphis and their crappy production values. Before the match, the screen graphic says "Midnight Express vs The Exocutioners" - just awesome.) Mark Gulein Promo Re: Teijo Khan & Yo Mamba, 11/28/87 Mark Gulein & Teijo Khan Interview, 11/28/87 Teijo Khan vs William Thompson, 11/28/87 Mark Gulein trying to sign the Midnight Rockers, 12/5/87 (He's offering them money so they listen to his offer. Jerry Lawler comes out and tries to discourage them but they tell him to go away and mind his own business. They then agree to sign with Gulein for the princely sum of $10,000 each. This is the Rockers' heel turn.) Midnight Rockers Interview, 12/12/87 (The Nasty Boys come out and confront them) Midnight Rockvers vs Nasty Boys, 12/7/87 (Last minute shown) Nasty Boys Interview, 12/12/87 (The Rockers come out and confront them) Midnight Rockvers vs Billy Travis & John Paul, 12/12/87 Mark Gulein Interview, 1/2/88 Shawn Michaels Interview, 1/2/88 (Ken Wayne comes out and gets badmouthed by Michaels, who calls him Sky Low Low, LOL. Michaels sounds completely blitzed in this interview - which is really bad when you consider this was done live in the morning.) Shawn Michaels vs David Wilson, 1/2/88 (Ken Wayne & Scott Hall confront him after the match) Midnight Rockers vs Todd Morton & Ricky Fontana, 1/9/88 Midnight Rockers Interview, 1/9/88 Midnight Rockers vs Scott Hall & Ken Wayne, 1/4/88 (JIP) Midnight Rockers Interview Re: Winning AWA tag bels for 2nd time, 1/16/88 Scott Hall & Ken Wayne Interview, 1/16/88 Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee interview, 1/23/88 Midnight Rockers Interview, 1/23/88 (They do some imitations of Lawler & Dundee) Midnight Rockers vs Bruise Brothers, 1/23/88 Midnight Rockers Interview Re: Being stripped of Southern tag titles, 1/30/88 (They play a clip of Idol & Rich crotching Lawler on a ringpost) Midnight Rockers vs Ken Raper & Ricky Nelson, 1/30/88 Midnight Express video "Living After Midnight", 2/6/88 Rock & Roll Express video "Rock & Roll All Night Long", 2/6/88 Midnight Rockers vs Rock & Roll Express, 2/15/88 (Brief snippet of a rare match that ends with the AWA titles being held up) Midnight Rockers Interview, 2/20/88 Rock & Roll Express Interview, 2/20/88 Midnight Rockers Interview, 2/20/88 Rock & Roll Express Interview, 2/20/88 Midnight Rockers Interview, 2/27/88 Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis Interview, 2/27/88 Midnight Rockers vs Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis, 2/29/88 (Highlights) Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis Interview, 3/5/88 Midnight Rockers vs Zebra Warriors, 3/5/88 Interview w/Jerry Lawler Re: Live wrestling on TV, 5/30/92 (Bert Prentice & Marty Jannetty come out and interrupt) Jeff Jarrett Interview Re: Upcoming I-C title match vs Michaels, 3/27/93 Shawn Michaels Interview, 3/27/93 Shawn Michaels vs Jeff Jarrett, 3/29/93 (Highlights) Jeff Jarrett Interview, 4/3/93 (I think) Shawn Michaels, Doink the Clown & Koko B Ware vs Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett & Brian Christopher, 10/18/93 (Elimination Tag - highlights - Lawler & Michaels are the first two guys pinned!)