TAPE 1129

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 101 min (DVD)

UWF TV VOL 9 - 2/28/87 (Next volume in the series of volumes released by Universal Wrestling. Unfortunately, they skipped a bunch of episodes. This one also isn't complete, as all the video features and highlights are missing - but it IS raw so you get extended ring entrances and exits. You also get Jim Ross screwing up and swearing. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Interview w/Dark Journey Re: Penalty Box Match (Hayes & Sunshine come out to confront DJ and attack her. After Missing Link saves, we see the crew rebuilding the set.) Angel of Death & Mike George vs Terry Taylor & Chris Adams Bill Irwin & Eli the Eliminator vs Ken Massey & Jeff Raitz Steve Cox vs Mike Boyette (Cox's professional debut) Rick Steiner vs Sam Houston (Sam debuts in the UWF with a clean pin on Steiner)
UWF TV VOL 9 - POWER PRO WRAPAROUNDS (Interesting piece here as we get Jim Ross doing intro wraparounds for video clips for an episode of Power Pro Wrestling. Watch how fast he cranks out an entire episode. I've got a DVD master so quality is EX.) UWF TV VOL 9 - DARK MATCHES (From the same TV tapings as above, we get two matches - sort of - without commentary. Cool! I've got a DVD master so quality is EX.)
Terry Taylor & Missing Link vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts Steve Williams vs Terry Gordy (Texas Death - Intros Only! BOOOOOOO.)
UWF TV VOL 9 - 3/21/87 (Unlike the above episode, this one is complete as-broadcast. The opener is excellent as well. I've got a DVD master so quality is EX.)
Savannah Jack vs Mike Boyette, 3/14/87 (Finish Only - Iceman Parsons comes out and taunts Jack with a package of Oreos) Ted Dibiase & Sam Houston vs Terry Taylor & Chris Adams (Excellent face vs face match. They don't do the lame "oh, we'll exchange weak armbars for 10 minutes" thing here. This is hard-hitting with double-teaming, etc. Very fast pace too.) Video Feature: UWF Training Center (wonder if they ever got any students?) Iceman Parsons vs Ken Massey Interview w/Ted Dibiase (Mentioned here only because Dibiase repeats the lie that he was an Intercontinental champion. Probably easier than explaining that he was North American champion in two different federations...) Eddie Gilbert vs Savannah Jack (Iceman Parsons comes out and KOs Jack with an ether-soaked towel; Gilbert wins UWF TV Title) Steve Cox vs The Super Ninja Chavo Guerrero & Missing Link vs Mike Boyette & Red Shadow (Dark Journey is injured, so Chavo and Link need a temporary valet. They come out with Baby Doll! Err..make that "Nicola".) Bill Irwin & The Viking vs Bobby Perez & Jeff Raitz Interview w/Chris Adams & Terry Taylor