TAPE 1130

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 139 min (DVD)

PANCRASE IATV EPISODE #1 (Cable channel IATV ran this show covering the history of Pancrase. We get Josh Barnett and Rob Wu doing a lame studio show and then doing commentary over top of classic Pancrase matches. Oh yeah, they also subtitle all the interviews with Pancrase fighters, which is really nice. Good stuff. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Pancrase Formation Press Conference, 5/16/93 Video History on Masa Funaki & Minoru Suzuki Video Feature: Other Pancrase fighters Pancrase Rules Explanation (Hey look, punches & elbows ARE legal.) Minorus Suzuki vs Katsuomi Inagaki, 9/21/93 Bas Rutten vs Ryushi Yanagisawa, 9/21/93 Yusuke Fuke vs Vernon White, 9/21/93 Yoshiki Takahashi vs George Weingeroff, 9/21/93 Ken Shamrock vs Masa Funaki, 9/21/93 (Before the match, Funaki breaks kayfabe in an interview and calls the UWF worked.)
PANCRASE IATV EPISODE #2 (More of the same as above. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX)
Yoshiki Takahashi vs Katsuomi Inagaki, 1/19/94 Vernon White vs Andre Van Den Oetelaar, 1/19/94 (Clipped) Ryushi Yanagisawa vs James Matthews, 1/19/94 Yusuke Fuke vs Scott Bessac, 1/19/94 Bas Rutten vs Masa Funaki, 1/19/94 Ken Shamrock vs Minoru Suzuki, 1/19/94 (Big upset as Shamrock loses here)
PANCRASE IATV EPISODE #3 (More of the same as above, this time covering the first day of Pancrase's 2-day tournament in 1994. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Minoru Suzuki vs Matt Hume, 12/16/94 (Clipped) Jason Delucia vs Thomas Puckett, 12/16/94 Manabu Yamada vs Christopher DeWeaver, 12/16/94 (Clipped) Bas Rutten vs Frank Shamrock, 12/16/94 (Clipped) Ken Shamrock vs Alex Cook, 12/16/94 Yusuke Fuke vs Maurice Smith, 12/16/94 (Clipped) Leon Dijk vs Vernon White, 12/16/94 (Clipped) Masa Funaki vs Robert Bjornethun, 12/16/94 (Clipped) Minoru Suzuki vs Jason Delucia, 12/16/94 Frank Shamrock vs Manabu Yamada, 12/16/94 (Clipped) Ken Shamrock vs Maurice Smith, 12/16/94 (Clipped) Masa Funaki vs Vernon White, 12/16/94 (Clipped)