TAPE 1131

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 95 min (DVD)

UWF TV VOL 10 - 4/4/87 (Next volume in the series released by Universal Wrestling. This is complete as-broadcast so all videos, etc, are intact. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX)
Clip of "Badstreet" music video Re-cap of Chris Adams asking for more time for tag title defense (Terry Taylor is late arriving so Adams asks for their defense to be delayed. This is the start of Taylor's eventual heel turn.) 2-Ring Battle Royal from Houston (Finish Only - Chavo Guerrero & Gary Young are the last two left; Chavo offers to split the $$$ with Young but Young refuses. After Chavo pins him to win the money, Young turns heel by attacking Guerrero with a chair and stealing the $$$) Gary Young vs George Weingeroff (Weingeroff would go on to fight in Pancrase. WTF?) Chris Adams vs Sting & Iceman Parsons (Taylor doesn't show so Adams goes it alone. He gets pounded and the ref seems ready to stop the match when Taylor shows up in dress clothes and attacks Sting & Parsons with a metal suitcase to earn a DQ.) Video Feature: Catfights Video Feature: UWF Training Center Interview w/Terry Gordy (Gordy has "cut short his trip to Japan" to come back and beat up Devastation Inc and he's just not gonna rest until he does. He manhandles Bruce Prichard before finally leaving.) Ron Sexton vs Marcus Hawk (No match - Terry Gordy comes out and destroys both jobbers) Eddie Gilbert vs Savannah Jack (Iceman Parsons runs in and hangs Jack)
UWF TV VOL 10 - 4/11/87 (More of the same as above - another complete as-broadcast ep. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Clip of Gary Young turning on Chavo Guerrero Terry Taylor & Chris Adams vs Mike George & Mike Boyette (Adams works the entire match before KO'ing Boyette with a superkick. Taylor insists on getting tagged in, so he comes in and hits a kneedrop before scoring the pin. Again, more build to Taylor's heel turn...) Full recap of Gary Young turning on Chavo Guerrero Chavo Guerrero music video "Conga" Chavo Guerrero vs Super Ninja Interview w/Sam Houston Re: Wanting the UWF TV Title Interview w/Hot Stuff International (Eddie Gilbert wants to be accepted as a real TV champion so he issues a challenge to anyone who wants a title shot. Ken Mantell comes out and gets Gilbert to agree to defend against "anyone in the top 10" - and to let Mantell pick the challenger. So Mantell picks....Gilbert's stablemate Sting! Oh yeah, check out the turnbuckles behind Gilbert here - they've got NWA logos on them, despite neither Mid-South nor the UWF ever belonging to the NWA.) Steve Cox vs Red Shadow Terry Gordy destroying two jobbers, 4/4/87 Terry Gordy vs The Viking (Gordy gets his promised match vs "someone from Devastation" here. Watts & co. obviously put a lot of work into this clown's gimmick. His "Viking costume" consists of two pieces of LEOPARD-PRINT material sewn to regular black trunks. Looks even more lame than it sounds. Gordy completely squashes him here.) Eddie Gilbert vs Sting (Sting gets a big face pop when he comes out - but then walks out and takes a countout loss rather than facing his mentor.) Eddie Gilbert vs Sam Houston (Houston comes out and challenges Gilbert and scores the pin!) One Man Gang, Angel of Death & Bill Irwin vs Jeff Raitz, ??? & ???