TAPE 1132

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 87 min (DVD)

UWF TV VOL 11 - 4/25/87 (More of the volumes released by Universal Wrestling. Full, as-broadcast episode but they again skipped a week. BOOO. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Buzz Sawyer vs Mike Boyette Chavo Guerrero vs Mike Boyette, 4/18/87 (JIP - Gary Young comes out with what appears to be Chavo's check that Young stole; Chavo beats him up, turns out to be an empty envelope) Terry Taylor vs Gary Young (Sting & Rick Steiner run in) Chris Adams doing a public service announcement (They continue to get sympathetic mileage out of Adams being a felon - here he gets beat up whild doing a PSA about alcohol) Steve Williams vs Super Ninja Interview w/Sunshine, 4/18/87 (She rips on other valets in the UWF & Missy Hyatt comes out to join in the fun. They get interrupted by Baby Doll, err Nicola, who goes after Missy. Sunshine uses Missy's purse to KO her then gives her a nice facial mat burn :) Gary Young vs Savannah Jack, 4/18/87 (JIP - all of Hot Stuff International runs in and then they beat the crap out of Jack with a strap. OUCH.) Steve Williams & Steve Cox vs Bill Irwin & Angel of Death, 4/18/87 (JIP - Gordy & Roberts run in and Roberts ends up getting destroyed, "spitting up blood"). Interview w/Ken Mantell Eddie Gilbert vs Sam Houston (Gilbert KOs the ref to save his TV title) Ad for the UWF Training Center Chris Adams vs Angel of Death (Intros only - TV time runs out)
UWF TV VOL 11 - 5/2/87 (More of the same as above. This is an historic episode as it's the first episode of UWF TV produced after Jim Crockett purchased the UWF. The changes are immediately obvious - a lousy commissioner, an out-of-nowhere title change, a JCP-style taping with the announcers at ringside, etc. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
John Ayers Introduced as UWF Commissioner (Leave it to Crockett to pick a STILL-ACTIVE NFL PLAYER WHO CAN'T SPEAK WELL to be the commissioner of the UWF. Good grief was this dumb) One Man Gang vs Big Bubba Rogers (Bubba wins UWF title - this title change never made any sense. Yeah, it was a shock, but so what? Bubba wasn't seen as a legit world title guy in JCP and here they have him come in and beat OMG. Dumb, dumb, dumb.) Interview w/Terry Taylor & Chris Adams Re: title loss & a bit of arguing (this is actually shown during a break during the above match) Terry Taylor & Chris Adams vs Sting & Rick Steiner, 4/12/87 (Finish - Sting & Steiner win UWF tag titles) Terry Taylor & Chris Adams vs Bob Bradley & Red Devil Interview w/Terry Taylor & Chris Adams (Adams still wants to talk about their title loss but Taylor wants to move on. He ends the interview by telling Adams that he wants to leave their team and works singles - and then walks off. And the Taylor heel turn slowly rolls forward...) Steve Cox vs Super Ninja Gary Young vs Jeff Raitz, Power Pro, 4/18/87 (JIP - the ref gets bumped, then Young elbows the ref to KO him. He then hits Raitz from the top rope - which is illegal. Chavo Guerrero runs in and KOs Young, allowing Raitz to score the big upset!) Chavo Guerrero vs Super Ninja, Power Pro, 4/25/87 (JIP - the ref gets bumped and now it's Gary Young's turn to interfere. Only this time it backfires and Chavo still wins!) Chavo Guerrero vs Mike Boyette Interview w/Eddie Gilbert Re: Big Bubba's title win & joining Skandor Akbar (This gives away that Bubba had joined Akbar which hasn't yet been revealed...) Sting & Rick Steiner vs Jeff Raitz & Mike Reed Ad for the UWF Training Center Interview w/Skandor Akbar Re: Bubba joining and kicking out OMG