TAPE 1133

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 83 min (DVD)

UWF TV VOL 12 - 5/9/87 (Next in the series of volumes released by Universal. Great stuff here even with the change in ownership to JCP. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Iceman Parsons vs Jeff Raitz Magnum TA vs Mr. Wrestling II, 5/13/84 (Finish - Magnum TA wins North American title; they've brought Magnum back to do commentary on the UWF shows. To hype that, we get his biggest win ever in Mid-South. Magnum is only 6 months removed from his car wreck and it's only been days since his Crockett Cup appearance.) Terry Taylor vs Chris Adams (Excellent, clean match between the two former partners. Taylor gets counted out after going outside the ring to assist - nicely - Adams back into the ring.) Interview w/Skandor Akbar & Big Bubba, 5/2/87 Big Bubba Rogers vs Steve Cox (Bubba KOs Cox with a kick to the head so Steve Williams comes out and stares down Bubba before carrying Cox out of the ring.) Interview w/Chris Adams (Adams is unhappy with the way he won earlier so he asks that the match result be thrown out and that he & Taylor be given a rematch. Taylor comes out and says he likes that idea and agrees to the match.) Angel of Death vs Mike Reed Steve Williams vs Bill Irwin
UWF TV VOL 12 - 5/16/87 (More of the same as above - I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Barry Windham vs Bob Bradley (The influx of JCP talent continues here with Barry...) Interview w/Barry Windham (Magnum TA does this one, calling Barry "the man who chases World Champions". Yep, he CHASES them alright - he just never catches them. HAHAHAHAHA.) Interview w/Steve Williams & Ted Dibiase (Some woman does this interview - she starts it by saying "Hi, I'm Toni" and then basically says nothing else.) Interview w/Skandor Akbar & Big Bubba Rogers Vladimir Pietrov vs Bobby Howell Terry Taylor vs Chris Adams (Another excellent match between the two. This time, there's a lot more tension with some actual fisticuffs exchanged. After a ridiculous ref bump that sees Carl Fergie intentionally run in-between the two, Adams is knocked to the floor. Taylor goes out to the floor, apparently to help Adams back into the ring, just like the previous week. Only this time, Taylor completes his heel turn by kicking Adams in the stomach and then piledriving him on the floor! Adams is counted out and Taylor is unrepentant. Says he's on his own now, looking for wins however they come. Eddie Gilbert then comes out and offers to manage Taylor - Taylor declines. They do this all really well and ALMOST make you sympathetic for Taylor.)