TAPE 1135

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 87 min (DVD)

UWF TV VOL 14 - 6/6/87 (More in the series of UWF shows released by Universal. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Barry Windham vs Ron Ellis Interview w/Skandor Akbar & Big Bubba Rogers Freebirds video "Badstreet" Sting & Rick Steiner vs Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner (Eddie Gilbert accidentally KOs Sting, causing Armstrong & Horner to win the UWF tag titles. This is the start of Sting's face turn.) Freebirds video "The Boys Are Back in Town" (this is actually shown during the above match) Terry Taylor vs Steve Cox, Power Pro, 5/30/87 (Finish only - Cox wins a reversed decision when Taylor refuses to break his figure four) Interview w/Terry Taylor, Power Pro, 5/30/87 (Taylor again rejects Gilbert's manager offer) Interview w/Dick Murdoch & Eddie Gilbert (same interview as shown 5/30/87) Interview w/Terry Taylor Re: Commissioner John Ayres Interview w/John Ayres (He calls Terry Taylor back to ringside and then chews him out for his recent actions and threatens him. He does this painfully awkward loosening of his tie WAY before anything gets heated and it just looks completely out-of-place and ridiculous. Then Eddie Gilbert comes out and he gets threatened too. They back away like Ayres is some kind of legit badass or something.)
UWF TV VOL 14 - 6/13/87 (More in the series of UWF shows released by Universal. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Bob Bradley & Ron Ellis Interview w/Armstrong & Horner JR & Magnum TA Doing Match Hype (I mention this only because they are doing the standard hype for the upcoming parts of the show and this kid walks up WHILE THEY'RE TALKING and sticks an autograph book in their faces to get a signature. JR's cool though - he brushes the kid off without even looking or breaking stride.) Terry Taylor vs Sting (Eddie Gilbert is supposed to be the referee but Sting turns face by blaming Gilbert for the loss of the tag belts the previous week. He demands - and gets - another referee. Taylor ends up using a boot from Gilbert, who stays at ringside, to KO Sting and then the two double-team him until Chris Adams makes the save. Sting is now a face and a future superstar is born!) Dusty Rhodes video "Can't Judge a Book by the Cover" Ric Flair video "Also Sprach Zarathustra" Interview w/Steve Williams at doctor's office re: broken arm Black Bart vs Bobby Howell Dick Murdoch vs Steve Cox Interview w/Eddie Gilbert & Dick Murdoch Interview w/Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy (They're back as major players in the UWF, only now they're faces? WTF?) Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy vs Angel of Death & Mike Boyette (After a very brief name change that came out of nowhere, Angel Muhammad is now back to being Angel of Death. He then walks out on his partner, leaving Boyette to get destroyed.) Interview w/Shaska Whatley & the Enforcers