TAPE 1146

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 96 min (DVD)

KOTC OCEANA II - 12/1 & 2/4/07 (Pair of shows that are pretty darn bad. Also, they dubbed music in over top of the arena noise and then recorded commentary - commentary that's not quite in-sync with the action, off by about half a second or so. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX)
Aaron Ryan vs Mike Abella, 12/1/07 Khalil Kabasi vs Chi Chi, 12/1/07 Kyle Madden vs Daniel Holmes, 12/1/07 Daniel Collins vs Paulo Cuimares, 12/1/07 (Yet another douchebag who doesn't break a chokehold. I swear, one of these guys is going to get their ass kicked after a fight sometime.) Adam O'Brien vs Phil Rudalehm, 12/1/07 Jason Scerri vs Luke Picklum, 12/1/07 Shane Nix vs Chris Johnson, 12/1/07 Angela Parr vs Stephanie Bouquet, 12/1/07 (Kickboxing) Tane Ngaronga vs Aaron Ryan, 2/4/07 Paula McRae vs Jeni Satchapansy, 2/4/07 (Kickboxing - lots of action here) Khalil Kabasi vs Grant Jones, 2/4/07 Deon Iaupepe vs Brendan Howell, 2/4/07 Asha Ingegneri vs Emma McGuire, 2/4/07 (Kickboxing) Gordon Graf vs Nouiri vs Khiet, 2/4/07 (Huge KO in this one) John Wayne Parr vs Tony Bonello, 2/4/07