TAPE 1148

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 75 min (DVD)

NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - 10/26/85 (Another episode from 24/7 of the big Saturday night show from TBS. Good stuff here. I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX.)
Arn Anderson stealing NWA World TV title belt from Dusty Rhodes, 10/19/85 (This is hilarious as Arn steals the belt from the injured Rhodes after Tully kicks his crutch out from under him. Arn will declare himself the champ and "defends" the title) Magnum TA vs Tony Zane Rock & Roll Express vs Ivan & Nikita Koloff, 10/13/85 (No DQ - Last 2 min shown - the Russians win NWA World tag title) Superstar Graham vs ??? Midnight Express vs Rocky King & Carl Styles (JIP - After the match, the MX continue to pound on King & Styles until Jimmy Valiant runs in. Then the MX pound on him until Miss Atlanta Lively - Ronnie Garvin in drag - comes in an KOs Bobby Eaton, much to the delight of David Crockett.) Interview w/Dusty Rhodes & Dr. Joseph Eswanik (Dusty says he'll return from his injury on 11/3/85) Buddy Landel vs Rick Dunn Bill Apter Interviewing Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes Paul Jones announcing Barbarian is a no-show for his US title match with Wahoo McDaniel which leads to... Wahoo McDaniel vs Arn Anderson (Championship Challenge Series - Arn takes on Wahoo for the Southern title to try and "add" to the NWA World TV title he's "defending". Ole Anderson runs in and Arn tries to steal Wahoo's belt but Magnum TA makes the save. Kinda funny since Wahoo is the guy Magnum beat for the US title...) Jim Crockett announcing next week's Championship Challenge Series match (Superstar Graham vs Abdullah the Butcher - which isn't even a title match. WTF? Nice work Jim! Oh, we're also going to get an arm wrestling challenge too.) Starrcade '85 update Rock & Roll Express vs Randy Barber & Kent Glover Ole Anderson vs Mike Nickol Sam Houston vs The Black Cat Tully Blanchard vs Italian Stallion (Magnum TA comes out and confronts Baby Doll, leading to a Magnum/Tully brawl)