TAPE 1155

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 65 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 9/28/85 (Mostly-complete episode of Worldwide. Video is VG/EX.)
Superstar Graham vs Mark Fleming (I love how Graham just randomly became a face one week - no triggering event or anything, just he changed his outfit and suddenly David & Tony start raving about him) Midnight Express vs Ricky Reeves & Mac Jeffers Nikita Koloff vs Stony Burke Dusty Rhodes giving Big Momma to Jimmy Valiant, Mid-Atlantic, 9/85 (Good lord, this sucks) Terry Taylor vs Jim Jeffers (first 10 sec shown) Midnight Express & Jim Cornette attacking Jimmy Valiant & Rocky King Interview w/Jim Cornette (Big Momma comes out and confronts him) Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson & Buddy Landel vs Pez Whatley, Brady Boone & Italian Stallion
NWA WORLDWIDE - 10/5/85 (Heavily-edited episode of Worldwide. Quality is VG/EX)
Superstar Graham vs Mac Jeffers (This match has some video glitches) Tully Blanchard he'll only defend against Magnum TA one more time Aftermath of Dusty Rhodes being attacked by Flair & the Andersons, 9/29/85 Ronnie Garvin vs Jim Jeffers (replay only) Thunderfoot vs Gene Ligon Midnight Express vs Pez Whatley & Pat Tanaka (Picture/tracking rolls during this) Tully Blanchard vs Brady Boone (Very cool spot here where Tully accidentally hits Tommy Young in the face so he & Tully improvise a DQ tease right on the spot. Nice work, guys!)