TAPE 1156

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 74 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 10/12/85 (More from this great season of Worldwide. This episode is edited so you're missing a match or two here. Quality is VG/EX, barely.)
Ivan & Nikita Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev vs American Starship Eagle, Denny Brown & Ron Rossi (JIP as broadcast) RIC FLAIR & THE ANDERSONS INJURING DUSTY RHODES' LEG, 9/29/85 Midnight Express vs George South & Mark Fleming MORE OF RIC FLAIR & THE ANDERSONS INJURING DUSTY RHODES' LEG, 9/29/85 (One of the greatest, most-famous angles of all-time - even if it is a rerun of an angle from 4 or 5 years earlier. Flair has just beaten Nikita Koloff in a cage match when Ivan runs in and they pound on him. Dusty makes the save only to have Ric Flair point at him, reminding him that he'd been warned to stay out of Flair's business. Ole & Arn Anderson then hit the ring and help Flair destroy Dusty's leg. I particularly like the part where Flair comes down from the top rope to move Dusty into position because Arn isn't placing him right. Makes Flair seem particularly ruthless. Eventually, Magnum and others break into the cage to save Dusty, only now the FANS ARE HOLDING THE DOOR SHUT so Flair & the Andersons can't leave! They smartly see it's safer inside the cage and go back to brawl some more before eventually leaving. Great stuff!) Interview w/Dr. Joseph Estwanik, 10/3/85 (they discuss Dusty's injury) Arn Anderson announcing himself as the new NWA World TV champ (he's not, btw) Arn Anderson vs Gene Ligon's (Arn's first "title defense", LOL) Midnight Express attacking Rocky King & Jimmy Valiant (Superstar Graham makes the save in what is - unfortunately - not a fatal attack on Valiant's career) Tully Blanchard vs Sam Houston (Sam gets a US title shot - must be all those competitive squash losses that have qualified him as a contender. Ronnie Garvin & Magnum TA are on commentary until Magnum comes to ringside before the ref runs him off. Garvin then comes down and attacks Tully after the match, decking him. Baby Doll then grabs hold of Garvin while Tully KOs him with a foreign object.)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 10/19/85 (More from this great season. This episode is incomplete, missing at least a couple matches. Quality is VG/EX.)
Interview w/Dusty Rhodes, WCW, 10/19/85 (Arn Anderson comes out and steals Dusty's TV title belt after Tully knocks Dusty's crutch away. Hilarious, if you ask me.) Rock & Roll Express vs Ivan & Nikita Koloff, 10/13/85 (No DQ - Last 2 min - Ricky Morton uses a chain to gain the upper hand but the Russians turn the tables and use the chain to win the NWA World tag titles. David Crockett trashes them for use of the chain but they rightly point out that Morton used it first and Tony also points out it was a no DQ match) Khrusher Khruschev vs Ricky Reeves Interview w/Jim Crockett Re: Starrcade '85 (clipped - they show highlights/recaps of '83 & '84) Superstar Graham vs Tommy Lane PWI Scouting Report: Ric Flair (they also interview Dusty Rhodes) Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Pat Tanaka & Stony Burke