TAPE 1157

Quality: VG/EX (See Below)

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 10/26/85 (More from this awesome season of Worldwide. Quality on this episode is VG/EX but with an occasional tracking flaw, usually at the bottom of the screen.)
Rock & Roll Express vs Rock & Roll RPMs Jimmy Valiant vs ??? Ivan & Nikita Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev vs Sam Houston, Brady Boone & Stony Burke Interview w/Billy Jack Haynes (Arn Anderson comes out and confronts him) Superstar Graham vs Mark Fleming Interview w/Dusty Rhodes & Dr. Joseph Estwanink, 10/15/85 (They discuss Dusty's possible return, couching everything in really uncertain terms, as if Dusty might never come back. Make sure to note the date on this interview when reading below...) Arn Anderson vs Mac Jeffers (occasional color flash in this one) Midnight Express vs Gene Ligon & Ron Rossi Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard, 10/85 (Finish only - this is shown during an interview during which Magnum asks for an "I Quit" match at Starrcade '85) Manny Fernandez vs Jim Jeffers Interview w/Bob Geigel (Geigel turns down Magnum's request, saying that "I Quit" matches are too dangerous and he can't sanction this because Magnum & Tully hate each other too much.) Magnum TA Kissing Baby Doll (Magnum's doing an interview when Baby Doll comes out and gives him her "personal card" for some unknown reason. Magnum then tells her she needs to be with a "real man" and kisses her for a loooong time. She then backs off and smacks him. Magnum's a "real man" so he reacts by ripping her top half off, nearly legit exposing her chest. Tully then runs out and jumps Magnum and they have a REALLY intense, realistic pull-apart.)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 11/2/85 (More of the same as above)
Midnight Express vs Sam Houston & Pat Tanaka Terry Taylor vs Jim Jeffers Announcement of "I Quit" Match along with Tully Blanchard's vehement reaction Magnum TA vs Tony Zane Billy Jack Haynes vs Vernon Deaton Interview w/Superstar Graham & Jimmy Valiant (a clip of Miss Atlanta Lively kissing Valiant is shown - Valiant then offers up "a brand-new Cadillac" if somebody brings the woman to him) Ole & Arn Anderson vs Ron Rossi & Ben Alexander Interview w/Dr. Joseph Estwanik, 10/18/85 (Estwanik says Dusty has made remarkable progress and is OK to return to the ring with a special boot. REALLY?!!?!? Check that date - it's all of 3 days after he was unsure Dusty would EVER return. Gimme a break.) Interview w/Ole & Arn Anderson Re: Dusty's Boot (They're rightly upset at the ridiculous boot that Dusty is going to be allowed to use and liken it to strapping a hammer to their arm inside a cast.) Manny Fernandez vs Mac Jeffers Interview w/Paul Jones & Barbarian (They accuse Graham of busting Barbarian's arm to get out of an arm wrestling contest and say he's afraid to face them face-to-face. Graham challenges them from the ring and then Barbarian beats him down and Jones busts his cane on him until Jimmy Valiant makes the save.)