TAPE 1158

Quality: Varies

Length: 88 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 11/9/85 (Another full episode of Worldwide. Great stuff here. VQ on this one is great, possibly even a master convert - EX, for sure.)
Billy Jack Haynes & Manny Fernandez vs Rock & Roll RPMs Buddy Landel vs Mac Jeffers Magnum TA vs Vernon Deaton (JIP) Nikita Koloff vs Tony Zane Ole Anderson vs Brady Boone Interview w/Dusty Rhodes, Mid-Atlantic, 11/9/85 Tully Blanchard vs Ricky Reeves Rock & Roll Express vs Golden Terror & Ron Rossi
NWA WORLDWIDE - 11/16/85 (Mostly-complete episode of Worldwide here. Nothing particularly special with this one as they continue the run-up to Starrcade. Quality is VG/EX.)
Midnight Express vs George South & Brady Boone Magnum TA vs Gene Ligon Tully Blanchard vs Pat Tanaka Jimmy Valiant, Superstar Graham & Manny Fernandez vs Jim & Mac Jeffers & Vernon Deaton Ole & Arn Anderson vs Rocky King & Tony Zane (Rocky's 2-week push over and he's back to getting squashed in jobber tag matches) Ric Flair vs Sam Houston (Good back-and-forth match. Arn Anderson runs in after the match and then Dusty makes the save.)