TAPE 1159

Quality: Varies (See Below)

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 11/23/85 (Another complete episode. Quality on this one is VG but there's some tracking issues which are sometimes severe.)
Ron Bass & Don Kernodle vs Jim & Mac Jeffers (well, here's a couple going-nowhere teams...) Dusty Rhodes taking back his TV belt, Mid-Atlantic, 11/16/85 (not 100% sure on that date - he comes out during an Arn Anderson interview, whacks him with a chair and takes the belt) Dusty Rhodes giving Jim Crockett the TV belt (After all, the title is actually vacant...) Jimmy Valiant & Superstar Graham vs Rock & Roll RPMs Billy Jack Haynes vs Golden Terror Nelson Royal explains the Bunkhouse Stampede match (Hilarious in its cheesiness and low-quality production) Manny Fernandez vs Tony Zane Buddy Landel vs Pez Whatley (Whatley gets a rare win when JJ interferes) Rock & Roll Express vs Gene Ligon & Mark Fleming Ole & Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs Sam Houston, Denny Brown & Ricky Reeves
NWA WORLDWIDE - 11/30/85 (Also a complete episode; quality on this one is GD/VG with some tracking issues.)
Don Kernodle & Pez Whatley vs Rock & Roll RPMs Abdullah the Butcher vs Ron Rossi Interview w/Baby Doll & Paul Jones (Baby Doll needs a favor and is willing to pay but Jones tells her he'll help for free. We're left to wonder what the actual favor is...) Ole & Arn Anderson vs Brady Boone & Mark Fleming Jimmy Valiant & Superstar Graham vs Golden Terror & Gene Ligon Jim Crockett Announces TV title tournament for 1/4/86 Black Bart vs Ricky Reeves Barbarian vs Tony Zane