TAPE 1167

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 5.75 hrs (4 DVD)

SHOOTO BEST FIGHTS 1997-99 (Outstanding compilation featuring a ton of fights from 1997-99. This is great stuff - fast-paced, fun MMA action. What's interesting is that the crowds for Shooto are raucous, unlike your standard reserved Pride or Dream crowd. This is a 2-disc DVD master that's been split onto 4 discs with no menus. All fights are clipped though I'll be damned if I can see where. Seriously, it's completely seamless. Quality is EX.)
Hayato Sakurai vs Takuya Kuwahara, 1/18/97 Rumina Sato vs Ricardo Botelho, 1/18/97 (LISTEN to Sato's high kick here) Enson Inoue vs Rei Zulu, 4/6/97 (Enson throws an elbow AFTER the stoppage - total BS) Yuzo vs Kaoru Uno, 6/25/97 Hayato Sakurai vs Ali Elias, 8/27/97 Rumina Sato vs Alan Fried, 8/27/97 Todd Bjornethun vs Kazuhiro Kusayanaga, 10/12/97 (Brutal KO here as the ref seems oblivious to stopping the fight; Kusayanaga kind collapses to his knees after a punch and the ref won't stop the fight, so Bjornethun blasts him one more time to get the stoppage. Nasty.) Hayato Sakurai vs Alex Cook, 10/12/97 Enson Inoue vs Joe Estes, 10/12/97 (Enson continues his douchebaggery here by punching LONG after the stoppage) Dokonjonosuke Mishima vs Satoshi Fujisaki, 1/17/98 Noboru Asahi vs Dennis Hall, 1/17/98 Masanori Suda vs Kenji Kawaguchi, 3/1/98 Carlos Newton vs Kazuhiro Kusayanaga, 3/1/98 Rumina Sato vs Joel Gerson, 3/1/98 Frank Trigg vs Marcelo Aguiar, 5/13/98 Hayato Sakurai vs Jutaro Nakao, 5/13/98 Kaoru Uno vs Zvonko Jakovyevic, 7/29/98 (Great 3-minute fight that sees a tremendous armbar escape by Zvonko) Hayato Sakurai vs Ronny Rivano, 7/29/98 Ricardo Botelho vs Joel Gerson, 8/29/98 (Awesome throw in here by Gerson) ERIK PAULSON VS MASANORI SUDA, 8/29/98 (Great fight with an awesome 3rd round. Fantastic, dramatic sequence in that 3rd round. Great stuff.) Naoya Uematsu vs Katsuya Toida, 9/18/98 Takanori Gomi vs Hiroshi Tsuruya, 11/27/98 Yuki Sasaki vs Kazuhiro Kusayanaga, 11/27/98 Akihiro Gono vs Adriano De Souza, 11/27/98 Uchu Tatsumi vs Eric Payne, 11/27/98 Hayato Sakurai vs Ademir Oliveira, 1/15/99 RUMINA SATO VS CHARLES TAYLOR, 1/15/99 (Fastest submission ever? Sato wins in SIX SECONDS. With a FLYING ARMBAR!!! This truly must be seen to be believed. Absolutely incredible.) Takanori Gomi vs Takuya Kuwabara, 3/28/99 Alexandre Franca Nogueira vs Masahiro Oishi, 3/28/99 Noboru Asahi vs Uchu Tatsumi, 3/28/99 (Horrible fight - doesn't belong on here at all) Naoya Uematsu vs Eric Payne, 4/9/99 Carlow Newton vs Kenji Kawaguchi, 5/29/99 Hayato Sakurai vs Marcelo Aguiar, 5/29/99 KAORU UNO VS RUMINA SATO, 5/29/99 (Great fight with a ton of crowd heat) Ryan Bow vs Brennan Kamaka, 6/1/99 Naoya Uematsu vs Ryan Diaz, 6/1/99 Takanori Gomi vs Stepehn Palling, 6/1/99 Ray Cooper vs Victor Hunsaker, 6/1/99 Naoya Uematsu vs Kimihito Nonaka, 9/5/99 Uchu Tatsumi vs Hisao Ikeda, 9/5/99 Kaoru Uno vs Din Thomas, 9/5/99 Alexandre Franca Nogueira vs Noboru Asahi, 9/5/99 Seichi Ikemoto vs Isao Tanimura, 10/29/99 Rumina Sato vs Phil Johns, 10/29/99 Mamoru Yamaguchi vs Baret Yoshida, 12/7/99