TAPE 1169

Quality: VG/EX (See Below)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

GEORGIA TV - 9/29/84 (Another episode of Championship Wrestling from Georgia. Fun stuff. Quality on this is VG/EX, almost EX, but with a slight tracking flaw at the top in the first few minutes. Very nice and easy to watch.)
Ron Garvin & Jerry Oates vs Italian Stallion & Jim Horton Tully Blanchard vs Maurice Cooper Brad Armstrong vs Dale Veasey Ivan Koloff vs Mike Jackson Interview w/Tommy Rich, Memphis (Same as the one from 9/22/84) Interview w/Tony Atlas (he's coming into the area too) Rip Rogers & Ted Oates vs Ted Allen & Rocky King Tim Horner vs Jason Walker Ted Dibiase vs Ron Garvin (The previous week, Dibiase had accepted a challenge to wrestle Ron Garvin on TV. However, when Garvin showed up, Dibiase was nowhere to be found, so Garvin worked a tag match instead. Dibiase then showed up, claiming Garvin was ducking him and he'd wrestle Garvin if there was time left in the show. There was, so we got this non-match that quickly turns into a brawl with the locker rooms completely emptying.)