TAPE 1171

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 43 min (DVD)

UWF TV #52 - 12/20/86 (Another complete episode from the Barnett broadcast masters. Great stuff here. Quality is EX!)
Savannah Jack vs Buddy Roberts, 12/13/86 (Finish only - Michael Hayes comes out with a jar of cream but runs off without doing anything) Recape of UWF title situation (lots of clips shown) Fantastics vs Jack Victory & Mike George, PPW, 12/20/86 (Ends up turning into a 6-man with Chavo Guerrero & Art Crews) UWF Video Highlights One Man Gang vs Hacksaw Duggan vs Buddy Roberts brawl, PPW, 12/13/86 (Good stuff - all three guys hate each other, so we get a three-way brawl with the guys all attacking each other) A visit from "Santa Saw" One Man Gang vs Hacksaw Duggan (Tons of run-ins...) A video Christmas Carol