TAPE 1175

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 45 min (DVD)

UWF TV #60 - 2/14/87 (Another of the Barnett broadcast masters for the UWF. Just your typical excellent episode of TV with lots of stuff going on. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Fantastics vs Sting & Eddie Gilbert, 2/7/87 (Finish) Iceman Parsons & Chavo Guerrero vs Mike George & Art Crews Terry Taylor vs Gary Young (Taylor is just starting to hint at showing the mannerisms here of a frustrated heel as he seems unable to keep up with Young in this scientific matchup) Video Feature: Mismatches One Man Gang vs Johnny West (Dibiase, Williams & Taylor all come out after the match and run off Devastation Inc) UWF Top 10 Super Ninja vs Jeff Raitz Sting vs Bobby Walker Steve Williams vs Terry Gordy (TV Time Runs Out)