TAPE 1178

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 45 min (DVD)

UWF TV #63 - 3/7/87 (Another of the Barnett broadcast masters for the UWF. Just your typical excellent episode of TV with lots of stuff going on. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Michael Hayes & Sunshine putting Dark Journey in a cage, UWF, 2/28/87 Sam Houston vs Ken Massey Wild Bill Irwin & Eli the Eliminator vs Ted Dibiase & Iceman Parsons (With Parsons' attitude change, Dibiase decides to wait until they're in the ring to ask Parsons if he's gonna stick by him. Bill Watts on commentary rightfully points out how moronic this is by Dibiase. Parsons is miffed at the accusation then walks out. Dibiase gets double-teamed, leading to...) Will Bill Irwin & Eli the Eliminator vs Ted Dibiase & Steve Cox Interview w/Don Walton Re: Dallas Times-Herald UWF posters Interview w/Iceman Parsons (He's got a "jailbird" t-shirt for Chris Adams and a package of Oreo cookies for Savannah Jack.) UWF Top 10 Buddy Roberts vs Bobby Perez Interview w/Dark Journey (Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts & Sunshine all come out - why the hell would Dark Journey go ANYWHERE alone after all the times she'd been attacked?!?! - and attack her and try to get her with a jar of hair cream. Missing Link comes out and saves her and DJ KOs Sunshine and tries to use the cream on her, taking FOOOOORRRREEEEVER to open it. Missy Hyatt, however, comes out and KOs her instead and steals the jar.) Steve Cox vs Kenny Johnson Terry Taylor & Chris Adams vs Eddie Gilbert & Mike Boyette (Sting is injured so Eddie needs a new partner. He chooses Mike Boyette, he of the winless record, for a tryout. Iceman Parsons comes out and asks to be Eddie's partner instead but he gets taken to the back.)