TAPE 1181

Quality: EX

Length: 45 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 8/22/87 (Episode of UWF from the dying days of the promotion. Sad to see it in this state. Just a mish-mash of UWF and NWA stuff with no rhyme or reason with music videos randomly inserted, etc. This particular show was taped at the Superdome where they managed to draw just 5000 people. VQ on this is EX.)
Eddie Gilbert vs Brad Armstrong, UWF, 8/15/87 (Finish - Terry Taylor runs in) Davey Haskins vs Mike Boyette, 8/1/87 (Boyette's 1-week experiment with beads in his hair is now over and he's back to being goofy looking. Looks a lot like Mick Foley, actually.) Terry Gordy vs Angel of Death, 8/1/87 (pretty much a squash here for Gordy) Steve Williams video "We Are the Champions" Terry Taylor vs Steve Cox, 8/1/87 Video Re-cap: Sting/Gilbert relationship Barry Windham vs Pez Whatley, 8/1/87 Eddie Gilbert video "Hot Stuff" (Shown during a break in the Windham match above)