TAPE 1195

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 4.1 hrs (2 DVD)

DREAM 9 - 5/26/09 (Excellent show from Dream, save the main event. Only drawback is the announce team with Guy Mezger and the third guy constantly arguing and talking over each. I've got a DVD master of the HDNet version of the show, complete with a professional-quality custom menu. Awesome! Quality is EX.)
Bob Sapp vs Ikuhisa Minowa (Sapp, the big joke, taps quickly) Hong Man Choi vs Jose Canseco (Yeah, the baseball player - not quite as horrible as you might expect) Sokoudjou vs Jan Nortje (Sokoudjou pounts on Nortje long after the bell - shoulda been DQ'ed) Gegard Mousasi vs Mark Hunt JZ Cavalcante vs Tatsuya Kawajiri HIDEO TOKORO VS ABEL CULLUM (Great fight) Hiroyuki Takaya vs Yoshiro Maeda Masakazu Imanari vs Bibiano Fernandes JOE WARREN VS NORIFUMI YAMAMOTO (Warren, in his 2nd pro fight ever, scores the huge upset over Yamamoto, who was 17-1 coming in - but on a 17-month layoff.) Ronaldo Souza vs Jason Miller (No Contest finish ruins what should have been a great fight)