TAPE 1202

Quality: Varies (See Below)

Length: 111 min (DVD)

WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 7/21/86 (Another complete episode of this excellent show, this one covering the AWA's WrestleRock '86 show. Quality is VG/EX, almost EX.)
Brad Rheingans vs Boris Zhukov, AWA, 4/20/86 WrestlRock video "Burning Down the House", AWA, 4/20/86 Scott LeDoux vs Larry Zbyszko, AWA, 4/20/86 (Looks like LeDoux gets legit injured when Larry rams him shoulder-first into the ringpost. After the match, the ref tries to raise his arm but LeDoux won't let him and he looks very uncomfortable.) Rick Martel vs Harley Race, AWA, 4/20/86 Jimmy Snuka & Greg Gagne vs Bruiser Brody & Nord the Barbarian, AWA, 4/20/86 (Cage) Verne Gagne vs Adnan Al-Kaissey, AWA, 4/20/86 (Cage - Snuka/Gagne won their match so Verne gets a crack at Adnan...)
WORLD PRO WRESTLING - 1/12/85 (Another complete episode of this great show. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX.)
Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams, WCCW, 11/22/84 (Adams scores the victory on a major show but Kevin gets his heat back by attacking Adams with a chair and bloodying him. This was intended to show how much the Adams' betrayal of Kevin had affected him since a Von Erich would "never" use a chair in this fashion.) Lucha 6-Man Match, CMLL, 1984 Manny Fernandez vs Black Bart, NWA, 11/22/84 (from Starrcade '84) Terry Gordy vs Killer Khan, WCCW, 11/22/84 (Texas Death Match - Kerry Von Erich is the guest ref for this famous match. It's extremely bloody and we end up with Kerry declaring Gordy the winner before offering him a handshake. Gordy refuses, then leaves and comes back and asks for a handshake. This was quite the big deal in 1984 - a Freebird and a Von Erich shaking hands...)