TAPE 1203

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3.4 hrs (2 DVD)

SENGOKU 3 - 6/8/08 (After 2 so-so shows, Sengoku begins to hit their stride here. This is a significantly improved show with much better action, albeit with a terrible main event. I've got a DVD master of the Japanese broadcast so VQ is EX.)
Kazuo Takahashi vs Fabio Silva (Silva should have gotten DQ'ed here as he stomps and kicks Takahashi after the KO) Jorge Masvidal vs Rodrigo Damm (Possibly an early stoppage here after a flash knockdown) Choi Mu Bae vs Marcio Cruz (Incredibly low skill level on display here from both guys. The finish is a nice triangle choke from rear mount but that also shows the low skill on display as that would never happen to a good fighter.) Sanae Kikuta vs Chris Rice Nick Thompson vs Michael Costa (Thompson does a nice job recovering from a knockdown) Kazuo Misaki vs Logan Clark Kazayuki Fujita vs Travis Wiuff Hidehiko Yoshida vs Maurice Smith (WTF? Maurice Smith? Is it still 1995? Why the hell is this guy main eventing a big show? I'll tell you why - 3 straight losses for Yoshida, that's why. Smith had just 2 fights - both wins, believe it or not - in the 7-1/2 YEARS prior to this one. And a record of just 12-12 coming in. That's how you work a fight without making it a work. Gimme a break.)