TAPE 1205

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3.4 hrs (2 DVD)

SENGOKU 9 - 8/2/09 (Very good show from Sengoku, one of the better MMA shows of the year, actually. I've got a DVD master of the HDNet version of the show so VQ is EX.)
Masanori Kanehara vs Hatsu Hioki (Good fight with lots of action) Marlon Sandro vs Michihiro Omigawa (Sandro's 1st ever loss - and it's total BS. He wins the fight on one card and it's a draw on the other two. So how does he get a loss? Well, Sengoku has a rule saying judges HAVE to pick a winner, even on fights where they've scored it evenly. And both of the draw judges gave the fight to Omigawa. Complete BS.) Matt Jaggers vs Chan Sung Jung Clay French vs Eiji Mitsuoka Dan Hornbuckle vs Akihiro Gono (BIG kick KO here) Blagoi Ivanov vs Kazayuki Fujita (Ivanov is the guy who beat Fedor in a Combat Sambo fight) Kazuo Misaki vs Kazuhiro Nakamura (HUGE flying knee in this one - awesome!) MASANORI KANEHARA VS MICHIHIRO OMIGAWA (Kanehara wins Sengoku Featherweight GP) Satoru Kitoaka Mizuto Hirota (Hirota wins Sengoku Lightweight title)