TAPE 1206

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 4.1 hrs (2 DVD)

SENGOKU 8 - 5/2/09 (Good show but one that obviously ran short so they fill in the holes with repeats of fights from Sengoku 7 - especially since the full Sengoku 8 show had 11 fights and not the 9 shown here. BOOOO. I've got a DVD master of the HDNet version so VQ is EX.)
Akihiko Mouri vs Maximo Blanco (Blanco gets DQ'ed for a HUGE illegal soccer kick to the head of Mouri. Problem is, he was destroying Mouri before that - if the ref had done his job and stopped the fight, Blanco never gets in that kick and gets the win instead.) Travis Wiuff vs Stanislav Nedkov (Give Wiuff credit - he stays in the fight after NUMEROUS groin shots by Nedkov. He hangs in but picks up a loss for his trouble.) Makoto Takimoto vs Michael Costa (Neat groundwork in this one) Marlon Sandro vs Nick Denis CHAN SUNG JUNG VS MASANORI KANEHARA (Fabulous fight!) Xande Ribeiro vs Kei Yamayiya Nam Phan vs Hideki Kadowaki, Sengoku 7 Hatsu Hioki vs Chris Manuel, Sengoku 7 Kazunori Yokota vs Leonardo Santos Michihiro Omigawa vs Nam Phan (Omigawa comes into this fight just 5-7 and proceeds to obliterate Phan, who was 15-5. Wow.) Muhammed Lawal vs Ryo Kawamure, Sengoku 7