TAPE 1218

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA PRO - 1/3/87 (Rare complete episode of this excellent show. Quality on this one is EX)
Hector Guerrero vs Eddie Roberts (JIP) Barry Windham vs Gary Royal Baron Von Raschke vs Barbarian (Crap like this makes me want to gouge my eyes out) Interview w/Road Warriors (mentioned only because Animal is wearing an AWA tag champions shirt. Seriously? Come on, Animal, update the wardrobe for national TV...) Rick Rude vs Robert Gibson (Goes to a draw then we get lots of run-ins. Ricky Morton isn't at ringside but Paul Jones is. Why wouldn't Morton be present to defend his partner against the constant run-ins of Jones & crew? Makes no sense.)
NWA PRO - 1/10/87 (Another episode of this great show.)
Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez vs Keith Patterson & Mike Simani Bubba Rogers & Jim Cornette agreeing to a cage match w/Dusty Rhodes (Bubba & Dusty both won 3 Bunkhouse Stampedes so they are going to do a cage match to determine the winner). Barry Windham vs Thunderfoot #2 Rock & Roll Express vs Gary Royal & Larry Stevens For Horsement attacking Barry Windham, WCW, 1/3/87 Dick Murdoch vs Thunderfoot #1 Midnight Express & Bubba Rogers vs Tim Horner, Rocky King & Ricky Lee Jones Vladimir Pietrov vs Eddie Roberts, Alan West & George South Brad Armstrong vs Brody Chase