TAPE 1220

Quality: EX

Length: 2 hr (DVD)

HOUSTON MID-SOUTH VOL 3 (Next in a big batch of discs covering Houston Wrestling beginning in mid-1985. These feature regular Mid-South TV matches intermixed with arena matches from Houston. Great stuff here. All Houston match dates are actual dates - the rest are Mid-South TV matches and are air dates. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Butch Reed vs Tom Pritchard, 7/25/85 (Ted Dibiase comes out and challenges Reed so we get...) Butch Reed vs Ted Dibiase, 7/25/85 (Terrific match) Bill Watts & Hacksaw Duggan vs Bounty Hunters, 7/25/85 Dutch Mantell vs Mike Graham, 7/25/85 (No match - Skandor Akbar challenges Bill Watts...) Akbar/Watts brawl (Akbar tries to fireball Watts but gets Mike Graham instead) Nightmare vs Brickhouse Brown, 7/25/85 Steve Williams vs Al Perez, 7/25/85 Dick Murdoch vs Mark Hawk (Grizzly Smith comes out and says Murdoch was injured during the Watts brawl and can't wrestle; Murdoch's tough, though, and wrestles anyway) Dutch Mantell & Bill Dundee whipping Bobby Fulton, PPW, 7/18/85 Chavo Guerrero vs Al Madril, Houston, 8/4/85 (Ted Dibiase comes out and counts a pin to trick Chavo then attacks him...) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Jake Roberts & Nord the Barbarian, Houston, 8/4/85 (JIP - Jake/Nord are announced as new Mid-South tag champs but this is apparently non-title) Butch Reed vs Dutch Mantell, 8/1/85 (No match - Mantell attacks with his whip but Reed turns the tables on him) Dick Murdoch vs Karl Stiles, 8/1/85 (Sir Oliver Humperdink challenges Murdoch to face his new protégé instead so we get...) Dick Murdoch vs Lord Humongous, 8/1/85 (Murdoch - a 100% tough babyface - gets absolutely squashed here. Murdoch gets in no offense before getting bloodied, completely destroyed, and pinned cleanly. Unreal to see a top babyface decimated like this on TV.) Ted Dibiase vs Wendell Cooley, 8/1/85 Al Perez vs Jerry Grey, 8/1/85 Nightmare vs Jerry Backlund, 8/1/85 Bill Watts & Hacksaw Duggan vs Steve Williams & Kareem Muhammed, Houston, 8/4/85 (Tornado match - Akbar is handcuffed to the ropes for this one. As if announcing a tag title change that wasn't - see above - Paul Boesch here refers to Muhammed as "Zimbabwe" throughout instead of the correct "Zambuie". Awesome.) Fantastics vs Pat Rose & Tom Pritchard, PPW, 7/18/85 (Dutch Mantell & Bill Dundee come out and whip Bobby Fulton; same angle as above but this is the full thing) Dick Murdoch vs Lord Humongous, 8/1/85 (Yep, they re-run it...) Lord Humongous vs Mark Ragin, 8/8/85 Nightmare vs Eddie Gilbert, 8/8/85 (The Nightmare takes on his former manager...) Hacksaw Duggan vs Karl Stiles Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Jake Roberts & Nord the Barbarian, Houston, 8/4/85 (JIP - same match as the above one only less is shown this time)