TAPE 1227

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

HOUSTON MID-SOUTH VOL 4 (Next in a big batch of discs covering Houston Wrestling beginning in mid-1985. These feature regular Mid-South TV matches intermixed with arena matches from Houston. Great stuff here. All Houston match dates are actual dates - the rest are Mid-South TV matches and are air dates. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Terry Taylor vs Nord the Barbarian, Houston, 6/7/85 (JIP - no finish shown) Dick Murdoch vs Lord Humongous, 8/1/85 (They ran this match I don't even know how many times) Al Madril & Black Gordman spike-piledriving Gory Guerrero, Texas All-Star Bill Watts & Hacksaw Duggan vs Kamala & Kareem Muhammed, Superdome, 8/10/85 (JIP - No DQ "Loser Leaves Town" - Watts loses the fall, has to leave for 90 days) Dick Murdoch vs The Nightmare, Superdome, 8/10/85 (Finish - Murdoch wins North American title; Because nothing looks better than having your champion lose to a guy that was squashed on TV - and then that match rerun a million times) El Corsario vs Mark Ragin, 8/15/85 (Corsario is getting a big push - he breaks some boards before the match and was the guy who KO'ed Watts at the Superdome) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Jake Roberts & Nord the Barbarian, Superdome, 8/10/85 (Cage - JIP - Sweetan turns on the Jake/Nord and KOs Jake) Steve Williams & Bob Sweetan vs Dale Williams & Mike Nichols, 8/15/85 Nightmare vs Al Perez, 8/15/85 Lord Humongous vs Pat Rose, 8/15/85 Bill Dundee & Little Tokyo vs Wendell Cooley & Little Coco, 8/15/85 Eddie Gilbert vs Brody Chase, 8/15/85 Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Chavo & Hector Guerrero, Houston, 7/26/85 (Cage - JIP - Al Madril turns on the Guerreros in what has become a very famous angle) Chavo Guerrero vs Al Madril, Houston, 8/4/85 (JIP - the revenge match) A Campfire with "The Midnight Rider" (Bill Watts), 8/22/85 (This sucked) Hacksaw Duggan vs Mike Scott, 8/22/85 Butch Reed vs Jerry Gray, 8/22/85 (Jake Roberts & Nord the Barbarian come out and challenge Reed to a TV title match) Jake Roberts & Nord the Barbarian vs The Bruiser & Karl Stiles, 8/22/85 Jake Roberts & Nord the Barbarian video "Lay it Down", 8/22/85 Steve Williams & Bob Sweetan vs Wendell Cooley & Mark Ragin, 8/22/85 Bill Dundee vs Dale Williams, 8/22/85 (After the match, Bobby Fulton comes out with Little Coco wearing Dundee's ring outfit; a big brawl then ensues) Al Perez vs Brody Chase, 8/22/85 Tommy Rogers vs Dutch Mantell, 8/22/85 (Bobby Fulton comes out and gets double-teamed) Fantastics vs Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantell, Houston, 8/4/85 (JIP) Midnight Rider video "Midnight Rider", 8/29/85 Fantastics vs Pat Rose & Jerry Gray, 8/29/85 Hacksaw Duggan vs One Man Gang, 8/29/85 (Bounty Match - OMG hangs Duggan w/chain) Steve Williams & Bob Sweetan vs Wendell Cooley & Al Perez, 8/29/85 (Sweetan subs in for Ted Dibiase in this title match; Cooley & Perez win Mid-South tag titles) Nightmare vs Butch Reed, 8/29/85 Jake Roberts & Nord the Barbrian vs Wayne Lavinski & Larry Clarke