TAPE 1233

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 89 min (DVD)

NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - 12/7/85 (Complete episode of WCW from 24/7. Good show with plenty of action. I've got a master so VQ is EX.)
Rock & Roll Express vs Jim & Mac Jeffers Ron Garvin vs Tommy Lane Starrcade '85 Highlight Video (24/7 left the original music intact on this one!) Interview w/Magnum TA (clips of a Bunkhouse Stampede match are shown) Nikita Koloff vs Italian Stallion Interview w/Tommy Young RE: Starrcade '85 Main Event (Part of the finish is shown; he explains his reasoning for overturning the title change here) Road Warriors vs Paul Garner & Adrian Bivens Ole & Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs Magnum TA, Billy Jack Haynes & Sam Houston (Championship Challenge Series - Terrific match that goes the time limit, then Jim Crockett comes out and insists it continue since it must have a winner) Interview w/Dusty Rhodes (the full finish of Starrcade '85 is shown) Interview w/Road Warriors (attack from 11/30/85 is shown) Jimmy Valiant vs Vernon Deaton Jim Crockett announces next Championship Challenge series (Khruschev vs Whatley) Terry Taylor vs Brodie Chase Barbarian vs George South Buddy Landel vs Jeff Smith Ivan Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev vs Mark Cooper & Jim Blackland