TAPE 1236

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 89 min (DVD)

NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - 1/4/86 (Complete episode of WCW from 24/7. Good show with plenty of action. I've got a master so VQ is EX.)
Tully Blanchard announces hiring of JJ Dillon (Also here, for the first time on TBS, Tully uses the phrase "Four Horsemen". Tully hiring JJ means the pushes for Black Bart and Thunderfoot are now over as well.) Rock & Roll Express vs Thunderfoot & Jim Jeffers Tully Blanchard announcing he's no longer with Baby Doll (Clip from the 12/28/85 episode of Worldwide is shown with Tully & Baby Doll breaking up; Tully smacks her and Dusty runs out and makes the save and declares that's she's now his) Harley Race vs Tony Zane (Harley's one and only TBS appearance for JCP; he was brought in to feud with Magnum TA. The story is that Harley roughed up Magnum in their 1/4/86 arena match and Harley got canned or quit as a result.) Ron Bass vs Bill Tabb Dusty Rhodes & the Road Warriors breaking Ole Anderson's leg, Omni, 12/21/85 Ron Garvin vs Mac Jeffers Interview w/Harley Race (he talks about an upcoming title shot in St. Louis against Ric Flair inside a cage; the match would take place on 2/8/86) Road Warriors vs Josh Stroud, Gene Ligon & Mark Hawk Manny Fernandez vs Larry Clark Arn Anderson vs Kent Glover Interview w/Arn Anderson (Baby Doll comes out and tells Arn "You're next", meaning he'll be injured like Ole was) Jimmy Valiant vs Floyd Bevins Midnight Express & Jim Cornette attacking the Rock & Roll Express, WWW, 12/28/85 Dennis Condrey vs Rocky King Magnum TA vs Barbarian (Harley Race does commentary for this one; Paul Jones KOs TA with his cane so Race runs in and counts the pin) Sam Houston & Nelson Royal vs Pablo Crenshaw & Don Turner